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We are holistic and gender perspective organization, aimed at empowering women, young girls, activists, Feminists and human right defenders with skills to thwart online censorship, promote research, offer digital safety trainings and awareness to mitigate threats to digital attacks and protect them from online harassment.


We grow as a well-thought-of cyber security initiative that offers teachings and learning to enhance the digital experience and combat online vulnerabilities/threats.


To reduce the vulnerability of the digital environment by offering cyber-security and cyber-defense awareness trainings to Female journalists, activists and feminists to help them neutralize advancedonline threats, thereby contributing to the improvement of digital security for all.

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The Lead Team


Ruth Atim is a feminist, digital security trainer and Journalist based in Gulu District in Northern Uganda and has been able to train and empower the girl child on how to keep safe online so as to bridge the gender digital gap.

Ruth strives to ensure that girls and young women to learn comprehensive digital security protection to allow them surf the internet as and when they need, and ensure that they aren’t at risk from potential threats.

Ruth is a fellow with Akina Mama wa Africa, a feminist leadership program where she has been able to also train and empower her fellow journalists on how to report on Gender Based Violence professionally. She is a Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) alumnus, a leadership program for Barrack Obama and also a safe sister fellow- a program by the Defend Defenders to raise tech savvy women. Ruth was one of the delegates invited at the World Press Freedom day organized by UNESCO in Ethiopia where she participated in drafting recommendations to end online harassment of female journalists.

Ruth Recently participated in the digital grassroots ambassador program as a Trainer for the new cohort of ambassadors. (https://www.digitalgrassroots.org/p/digital-grassroots-community-leaders.html)


Christine Adero is a Ugandan fashion model with extensive dynamic experience in digital security, data science, and working in the fields of ; youth and gender sensitive programming, policy development, and project management.

As a Digital Security trainer, she is bridging the wide gap between digital safety measures for adults and children by creating awareness on Online Violence against children with focus on young girls in digital spaces in Uganda, by mentoring them in Digital Rights and Safety. Her goal is to ensure that the cyber world is equitable, tolerant, just and safe for all young women and girls who use it to fight for their rights in relation to gender, culture, views, gender, and bodily autonomy.

In addition, Christine is also a Defend Defenders Safe Sisters program fellow working on digital safety for women and girls, a Youth Champion at “Every Hour Matters” (A post rape care campaign) under Together For Girls c/o UNAids where she contributed to a post rape care toolkit for Uganda, a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) fellow, a Defend Defenders DOC-it 2018 fellow working on data analysis and visualization while using data for advocacy, a CREA Alumni under the Feminist Leadership and Movement Building and Rights Institute of East Africa, selected speaker at the World Youth Forum 2018 held in Egypt, and has worked on several youth and gender development programs with United States Peace Corps as a facilitator & partner.