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We also ensure to make women more aware of their digital rights. We explore digital citizenship so as they can learn Internet safety. We believe there is need to be aware of the information one gives out on the Internet to protect themselves from hackers, scams, and cyber stalkers.

We strongly believe that digital security is important because it allows Women to use social media and online services and protects them from risks such as identity theft and fraud. By offering cyber security awareness and training, we strive to heighten the chances of catching a scam or attack before it is fully enacted, minimizing damage to a woman’s brand and reducing the cost of recovery.

We do offer Digital literacy training and awareness because it opens the door to other essential skills needed to operate in a broadband environment, including a career training and ICT-enabled career training. Such training enables women, feminists and human right defenders to take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers, set up online businesses, or use broadband services, such as social networking sites, to enhance their ongoing livelihood and economic activity. We strongly believe digital literacy promotes women’s economic activities.

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