Liza Wisniewski

Gender Tech Initiative-Uganda welcomes two new interns from the University of Dayton.

Gender Tech Initiative-Uganda is excited to welcome two new Research and Communication interns from the University of Dayton. These interns will be working virtually with our organization to support our vision of empowering women and girls to embrace science and technology.


At Gender Tech Initiative-Uganda, we believe that access to science and technology is a fundamental right, and that women and girls should have the same opportunities as men and boys to pursue careers in these fields. Unfortunately, gender inequality remains a significant barrier for many women and girls around the world. That’s why we’re dedicated to promoting gender equality in science and technology through our programs and initiatives.


Our two new interns, Liza Wisniewski and Ndeye Aminata Thiome , will be joining us for the next three months to support our communication and research efforts respectively.


Ndeye Aminata Thiome is an American of West African descent and who majors in political science and takes a particular interest in law and international law. Her hopes are to adequately contribute to good causes around the world.


Going into her junior year at the University of Dayton, Liza Wisniewski is an international student major with a minor in French. On campus, she is a part of multiple programs and clubs, such as Model UN. Originally from Detroit. Women’s access to technology literacy and education, especially in the STEM field, has always been a prevalent matter to her. Holding a deep passion for education advocacy and human rights, Liza is excited to take part in an organization like Gender Tech Initiative to promote gender equality in science and technology.


During their internship, Aminata and Liza will be working on a variety of projects, including conducting research on the gender gap in science and technology education, creating content for our social media channels, and developing communication strategies to promote our organization’s mission and vision.


We are thrilled to have them on board and look forward to working with them to further our mission of empowering women and girls to embrace science and technology. We believe that their skills and passion will be invaluable assets to our organization and we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish during their time with us.