Device security for Journalists.

Journalists use a wide range of devices to produce and store content, and to contact sources. Many journalists, especially freelancers, use the same devices at home as well as at work potentially exposing a vast amount of information if they are lost, stolen, or taken. Our Trainer Mr. Willy Choo-woo gave the participants concrete device security tips

They were urged to Encrypt their computer hard drives, phones, tablets, and external storage devices, especially if they travel, to ensure that others will not be able to access their information without a password.


  • Updating their operating system when prompted to help protect devices against the latest malware.
  • Auditing the information stored on their devices and consider how it could put them or others at risk.
  • Backing up their devices regularly in case they are destroyed, lost, or stolen and store the backup copies securely, away from their regular workstation.
  • Not leaving devices unattended to in public, including when charging, as they could be stolen or tampered with.
  • Not plugging devices into public USB ports or use USB flash drives that are handed out free at events as they could come loaded with malware which could infect a computer.
  • Setting up their devices to allow one to wipe any data remotely if they are stolen. This feature must be set up in advance, and the device will only wipe if it is connected to the internet.
  • And lastly, to always get devices repaired with a reputable dealer.