Closing The Digital Gender Divide

The digital gender divide has been recognized as a challenge to achieve gender equality for women.

As societies become increasingly dependent on digital technology, women, their broader communities and national economies are at risk of losing out on the positive promise of full participation in digital economies. 

 There are several factors that impede women and girls’ access to and using digital technologies, including their struggle to afford technology and internet access. In addition, stereotypes around technology being ‘for boys’ and ‘Men’. Technology and the internet can be a great enabler for girls but a lack of opportunities, skills and a fear of discrimination prevent many from using and creating digital tools and online content.

At The Gender Initiative-Uganda, we can’t think of a better cause than contributing to close the digital gender divide.  We do this through offering trainings that empower women and young girls to embrace the internet and the opportunities that it has to offer. This is particularly the case during the COVID-19 pandemic, when digital technologies have become our lifeline. The crisis has in fact reinforced the digital gender divide, through its impact on girls’ education. 

Why should we be worried? The answer is simple: the digital divide could increasingly prevent women from accessing life-enhancing services for education, health, and financial inclusion in a world that has become virtual overnight.


Now is the time to do something about it.